Jan Pool

Jan is an electronic engineer, software developer, product manager and entrepreneur. He enjoys working with small, dynamic companies where one has the opportunity to be involved with variety of activities in design, development, management, business and innovation.

Jan started programming at a young age and commenced his professional career in 2001 at Stone Three as an engineering project manager. At Stone Three he was primarily involved with research and development projects in the industrial and communication segments. In 2007 he joined NioCAD, a Stellenbosch based startup focusing on the development of electronic design automation CAD tools for the superconductive integrated circuit industry, as product manager and later CTO. In October 2011 he started Actualiser to help startups build great products.

Jan has been a committee member of the Cape Town Software Process Improvement Network since 2006.

Jan holds a masters degree in electronic engineering (M.Sc.Eng) from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. His interests include design, software engineering, entrepreneurship, innovation, lean and agile businesses, Bitcoin, signal processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, complex systems, robotics, economics, photography, brewing, astronomy and advance technology.

His also runs a photography self-study project at Circadian, while his personal website is at You can also find him on TwitterLinkedIn, and SlideShare.

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Adri Smuts

Adri is a software developer with experience as a product manager and quality assurance (QA) manager. She enjoys working on projects that include aspects of visual design and algorithmic problem solving.

Adri first started working as a data analyst for the operations research consulting company, Oprecon (now trading as Xtranda). In 2010, she then joined the NioCAD team as a software developer, with additional technical writing responsibilities, taking over the role of Product Manager in 2011. She joined Actualiser in August 2012.

Adri holds a masters degree in operations research (M.Sc) from the Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Her interests include design, mathematical programming, photography, travel and world food.

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Maia Grotepass

Maia Grotepass is a software developer and digital artist. She is focussing her software development on native Android application development. She enjoys getting a minimum viable Android application working as quickly as possible.

Maia started coding as a teenager. She has helped to build telephone exchange software for Plessey Tellumat in the 90’s. She coded embedded systems for Power Quality Measurement instruments for CTLab in the early 2000’s. She helped build communication software for an Inmarsat Satellite communication device for Omnipless-Cobham. She has built mobile apps for Mxit and has recently been involved building Android applications for various startup projects.

Maia is involved in the Ubuntu-za local community. She also helps to organise events for the Google Developer Group in Cape Town.

When she has time she builds interactive installations and digital art works.

Maia holds a M.A digital art degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, a B.A Arts and Culture with a specialisation in Multimedia from the University of South Africa and a B.Eng Electronic from the University of Stellenbosch.

Home pageg+, LinkedIn, github.

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