Gust Pay

[April 2012 – December 2016]

Gust Pay is a suite of applications that facilities mobile commerce.

GustAvailable in the AppStore Gust Pay is a quick and easy geo-fenced mobile payment experience. Pay with your name, two taps, and a swipe.

GustAvailable in the AppStore Gust PayPoint allows merchants to request and receive payments from customers who are using Gust Pay.

GustAvailable in the AppStoreGust Finder helps you find Gust vendors and other points of interest, such as bars and restaurants, near you.

You can locate places using three viewing modes: map, list, or augmented reality. Viewing modes automatically switch by holding your device level (map), upright in portrait orientation (list), and upright in landscape orientation (augmented reality).

When you shake your phone, a random special near you is displayed.


Gust Pay

Gust Pay 1.2.1 - Discovery Gust Pay 1.2.1 - PayGust Pay 1.2.1 - HistoryGust Pay 1.2.1 - Cards

Gust Pay 1.2.1 - Profile

Gust PayPoint

Gust PayPoint 1.2.1 - DiscoveryGust PayPoint 1.2.1 - KeypadGust PayPoint 1.2.1 - ResultGust PayPoint 1.2.1 - POSGust PayPoint 1.2.1 - History

Gust Finder

1. Gust Finder - Map View 2. Gust Finder - Merchant List 4. Gust Finder - Detail View 5. Gust Finder - Specials View3. Gust Finder - AR View


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